Turns out I’m making this a habit!

Lewa is the daredevil Toa of Air, tossing caution to the wind at any chance he gets. His attitude allows him to perform breathtaking stunts and acrobatics that the other Toa Mata can only hope to match. Of course, Lewa’s competitive streak will push him to goad the others into contests, even if they know he’ll blow them away anyways. There’s something about his frantic actions and longwinded gabbering that keep him on everyone’s good side, even if they don’t show it. Lewa is agile and quick, well adapted to life among the trees in Le-Wahi, moving like a breeze in and through the canopy. He can control the very air itself, using it to further enhance his agility and grace. With his Toa Tool, a lightweight yet sturdy axe, he can direct the wind in more outwardly practical manners.

(This moc here represents Lewa as he appears in the Bionicle: Rebuild universe.)

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So hey guys guess what just leaked.

And I just want to bring up the marvelous piece use in Onua’s hammer. Who would have thought that piece would work so well like that?

Also the fact that they all seem to come with Transparent bones means I can skip trying to buy them direct from LEGO and just get the shells I want. Bonus!

Your thoughts?

Well Tom I would say I got exactly what I wanted from the new sets, more detailed parts. No new base armor yet, but Its the first wave of the first year. Still though these new parts look FANTASTIC!!! Pohotu looks hideous though.

Haha, I guess you’re right. And I guess I don’t mind that if that’s what you meant.

I’d still like some muscly-organic shells though. =V

(Who’s Tom, though?)